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in Macadamia

Creating open-for-all therapeutic programs in an ecological farm


Due to recent and ongoing traumatic events,
Israel is in urgent need of long-term emotional support

We are launching specialized therapeutic programs,
run by esteemed Israeli specialists, to build resilience
and improve emotional well-being


In order to harness the salubrious
and healing effects of nature these programs will take place in Macadamia - an ecological farm located on a hill
right above the sea of Galilee
(considered as a safe area)

לוגו בז שקוף-03-03.png

Since the beginning of the war people stay in Macadamia and find this magical place both a home and a shelter.

In these challenging times, connecting with nature and with others can be a balm for our wounded bodyminds

Not long ago we officially opened the space for retreats,
and due to the current situation in Israel, 
our greatest wish is to continue doing that,
this time offering non-profit

free retreats open for all

To create this accessible soothing environment we kindly ask for donations. Every donation - big or small will be highly appreciated and will have a great impact. all donations will be formally acknowledged and specifically allocated for providing emotional support programs


Funds will be administered by THE GREEN TRIBE
a registered charitable organization in Israel
(R.A. 580721991) and distributions will be overseen by Dr. Nir Ofek to ascertain the ethical and effective deployment of your generous contribution

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